BackupTool - Free backup utility for FANUC robots

A simple command-line utility for grabbing backups from multiple robots simultaneously.


A utility for labeing FANUC Robot I/O and Data from Excel

fexcel source code on GitHub
Download the latest release


KUnit is a simple unit testing framework for FANUC KAREL.

Read more here: Introducing KUnit
Source code on GitHub:


TP+ is an improved version of FANUC's TP programming language. You write code in TP+ that's then translated into valid TP code.

Read more here: Introducing TP+
Try it out here: TP+ Demo
Source code on GitHub:


tp.js is a FANUC TP parser, interpreter and runtime written in JavaScript.

Read more and try it out here: Simulating TP Programs in the Browser with tp.js


vqlog.js is a tool for analyzing FANUC line tracking VQLOG files.

Source code on GitHub:

FANUC TP Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Get it on GitHub

FANUC KAREL Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Get it on GitHub