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This post is about 6 weeks overdue, but the full TP+ source code is now available on GitHub. I’ve already accepted some improvements from Group Six Technologies Inc, and I’m happy to accept more.

TP+ should still likely be considered beta software, but feel free to play around with it in the comfort of your own console (instead of the demo site). Please give it a try and let me know what you think!


  1. Install Ruby
  2. gem install tp_plus
  3. tpp filename.tpp >

To upgrade to the latest version: gem update tp_plus.

You can optionally include an environment file that defines some or all of your variables: tpp -e env.tpp filename.tpp >


The demo site has a fairly full example of the features, but the test suite is probably a better reference for now.

What’s Missing?

Lots of stuff. Documentation mainly, but feel free to suggest more on the project’s issues list.

I used TP+ succesfully on a pretty complex project, but I found it difficult to merge remote changes (e.g. position touchups, logic changes) back into the corresponding TP+ source. The project needs a tppsync utility that will attempt to merge remote changes back into the TP+ source code. Position data should be easy. Logic changes… probably not so easy.

I’m working on a full TP parser that will also be released as a Ruby gem. That’s the first step for tppsync, but someone could probably write a position sync utility without a full parser.

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