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The process of sticking PCMCIA memory cards (or now USB sticks) into each one of your controllers, going to the FILE menu, creating directories, Backup > All of the above, etc. is a huge pain. I felt this pain very sharply when working on an 18-robot line years ago.

BackupTool allows you to concurrently backup all the robots on your project to your PC with a single command.


Download BackupTool v0.0.1 for Windows 64-bit

(Edit: Go to the BackupTool page to download the latest version)

(Note: this is considered alpha software, only tested on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine… use at your own risk!)

There’s a README included in the distribution, but here’s a quick how-to:


  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Either copy BackupTool.exe to your current project’s directory, install it to a directory on your system’s PATH, or extract it to some new directory (making sure to add it to your systems PATH)

[What’s a PATH?](


  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to your current project’s directory
  2. BackupTool init to initialize your project
  3. BackupTool add to add each robot to the project
  4. BackupTool backup all to do an MD:. backup

You can simply type BackupTool to see a help on available commands, sub-commands, options, etc.

BackupTool will create a timestamped backup for each robot on your project that may look something like this:


Let me know if you run into any issues. I’d appreciate any feedback.

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