Tool for managing your robots' data: comments, registers, I/O, etc.

DataTool Preview

A simple tool that helps you keep your data consistent on multi-robot systems

Do you hate commenting your registers and I/O whenever you setup a new project? Have you ever wished that you could easily set a numeric register to the same value on all of your robots?

DataTool allows you to do just that. While FANUC provides a limited web-based Comment Tool, this version allows you to manage all your robots from one screen. This saves you from the repetition of loading each robot’s web page, entering comments, updating values, etc.

  1. Easily set the same comments on all robots
  2. Set register values on an individual or global basis
  3. View and compare I/O status
  4. Easily simulate and toggle bits from a web interface
  5. Setup your user alarms and manage error severity
  6. View and toggle your FLAGs on all robots

While DataTool is built with multiple-robot systems in mind, it works great on single-robot systems too!

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