About ONE Robotics Company

ONE Robotics Company is a robotics and automation consulting company founded accidentally by Jay Strybis in early 2012. After working in FANUC’s material handling group from 2008 to 2011, I left to pursue my web development company full-time. As it turns out, I enjoy programming robots more than websites.

About Jay Strybis

  • BSEE 2008 Valparaiso University
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni volunteer
  • Open Source @ GitHub

Jay currently resides in Chicago with his wife Erin and dog Gus.

Expertise (Robot Whispering Services)

I specialize in KAREL programming, iRVision, iRPickTool, PalletTool and TP programming.


Most of client work is confidential, but here are some old videos from when I worked at FANUC:

IMTS 2012

This was my first foray into bin picking, working with FANUC’s new 3D Area Sensor for IMTS 2012. Consistently emptying a bin and refilling it with the same parts (that get wet despite all blowoff efforts) was pretty challenging. Luckily we were able to use different types of 3D vision processes (which each have their strenghts and weaknesses) to identify and unload all the parts.

Pack Expo 2008

High speed box and bag palletizing and visual depalletizing all in one.

I think this video is from Pack Expo 2009 or 2010, but I’m pretty sure it’s running the code I wrote for 2008. (We used Butterfingers in 2008.)

IMTS 2008

Shortly after starting at work with FANUC, they threw me into the fire and had me work on some improvements to this cell (including the coordinated motion you see in the video) for IMTS 2008. 2D and 3D vision, coordinated motion, a wet robot in a box? Good stuff.